Next Generation 2019

Let’s take a look at what will be offered at the upcoming Next Generation Conference!

As margins within agriculture continue to narrow, financial management becomes increasingly important.  Dr. Matt Roberts, a former Ag Economist at The Ohio State University and founder of Kernmantle Group, a risk management consultancy in Columbus, OH, will be our keynote Friday on the, ‘Six Hats of a Farmer and Making Sense Today.’  Dr. Roberts’ talk is a real-world application for farmers in terms of how agriculture has changed in the past five years.  He’ll discuss the six businesses that comprise a modern grain farm: agronomist, grain elevator, custom machinery operator, land speculator, futures speculator, and capital allocator, and changes that farmers can make to each of these businesses to help ensure that their farm is a winner in the 21st century.

Scott Shearer of the Bockorny Group, Inc. will speak on the Importance of Trade to US Ag.  Scott has extensive trade and agricultural policy expertise.  Scott will provide an update on current agriculture trade and where the US is headed in the future and how that will affect Montana producers.

Saturday’s events will feature an outstanding lineup of industry speakers and professionals offering 36 workshops throughout the day.  Workshops will be tailored towards beginning producers, experienced producers, and those who want to learn more about succession planning to transition their farm to the next generation.

Production based workshops will include Beginning Crop Insurance, Intercropping and Alternatives to Wheat and Barley, Pulse Crop Marketing with local Pulse Crop Elevator Owner Roger Sammons, USDA programs for Crops, Crop Scouting 101, Hemp Production, Basic and Advanced Grain Marketing as well as more to come.

Related to succession planning, there will be workshops on Making Your Money Last in Retirement, Use of Gifting in Estate Planning, Considerations when buying and selling land along with easements and right-a-ways, two workshops with Kristin Juras a lawyer who has worked in agriculture succession planning for many years and Succession Planning in relation to taxes.  In addition, there are numerous financial planning, tax management, and accounting topics as well. Cutting edge, innovative topics: Data Driven Farming and Updates to the Tax Code and how they affect producers.

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